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[tz-title tz_type=”3″ tz_title=”CUBIMOBAX” tz_description=”Design, art and handicraft attached, to offer an unforgettable experience.”]
[category_grid tz_column=”3″][category_grid_item tz_icon=”h” tz_title=”LIVING ROOMS” tz_description=”Design and style to create cosy ambience. Smart and minimalist furniture for the most useful place at home.” tz_option_link=”custom-link” tz_custom_link=”http://www.cubimobax.com/index.php/coleccion-cubimobax-salones/” tz_image=”2815″][category_grid_item tz_icon=”z” tz_title=”BEDROOMS” tz_description=”The most moderns and surprising combination bedrooms furniture.” tz_option_link=”custom-link” tz_custom_link=”http://www.cubimobax.com/index.php/coleccion-cubimobax-ilusion-exchange/” tz_image=”2792″][category_grid_item tz_icon=”M” tz_title=”AUXILIAR FURNITURE” tz_description=”Beauty, elegance and functional in shoes cases, entryway and consoles furniture. Top quality for interior design and decoration.” tz_option_link=”custom-link” tz_custom_link=”http://www.cubimobax.com/index.php/coleccion-cubimobax-r-evolution/” tz_image=”4636″][/category_grid]
[tz-title tz_type=”3″ tz_title=”CUBIMOBAX NEWS” tz_description=”BLOG OF FURNITURE, AND INTERIOR DECORATION HOME.\n LATE NEWS.”]
[tz-title tz_type=”3″ tz_title=”Why CubiMobax?”]
[tz-feature-item tz_type=”type5″ tz_icon=”icon-heart” tz_title=”DESIGN WITH HEART” tz_description=”We let part of us in each and every design, but keeping prices for all.”]
[tz-feature-item tz_type=”type5″ tz_icon=”icon-gears” tz_title=”CARE PRODUCTION” tz_description=”We let part of us in each and every design, but keeping prices for all.”]
[tz-feature-item tz_type=”type5″ tz_icon=”icon-pencil ” tz_title=”QUALITY AND PRICE” tz_description=”Our experience and implementation allow us to give you the highest quality at the most competitive prices in the market.”]
[tz-feature-item tz_type=”type5″ tz_icon=”icon-bargraph” tz_title=”WE INSTALL WITH LOVE” tz_description=”We love the end result and therefore our assemblers strive to get the result you want.”]
[tz-feature-item tz_type=”type5″ tz_icon=”icon-laptop” tz_title=”WE ADAPT TO YOUR EXPECTATION” tz_description=”Our experience and dedication allow us to adapt quickly to the needs and requirements of each customer.”]
[tz-feature-item tz_type=”type5″ tz_icon=”icon-profile-female ” tz_title=”PERSONALIZED SERVICE” tz_description=”We offer a careful, quick and personalized attention for those who are interested in our creations.”]
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